How To Do A Quick Weave With Malaysian Virgin Hair Extension

How To Do A Quick Weave With Malaysian Virgin Hair Extension?

Making a quick weave with your Malaysian virgin hair extensions basically involves a full head weaving technique. Your virgin hair extensions would be attached or glued to a skull cap or wave. Your quick weave is literally a custom made wig. It is done on a foundation that is worn and removed easily from the head. The quick weave is well suited for ladies of style and class and comes out amazing especially when done with a Malaysian virgin hair extensions.

With a quick weave, you can create your own look and be your own stylist with any type of extension hair, be it curly or straight. long or short, single colored of filled with highlights. However, if you are after a style with your hairline out, the quick weave won’t work out.

Below is a step by step guide of how to make a quick weave with Malaysian hair extensions.

Items needed:Hair Glue, Hair Weave, Scissors, Comb and Brush.

1. wash and condition your Virgin Hair:Get your hair soaked using a setting lotion. Pack your hair to the back in a pony tail style and turn it to a bun. Alternatively you can make your hair as flat as humanly possible by using the setting lotion to style it.

2. Measure Track from ear to ear.Begin from the back of your head. Measure track from ear to ear using your malaysian hair weave.A after that’s done cut your track and glue it. Repeat the process for the front of your hair while making sure you have the measurement from ear to ear.

3. Follow the circle.Now you have created a circle pattern. Begin to follow the circle pattern carefully with the weave and glue. Now cut your virgin hair extensions into smaller pieces and ensure you place them in the right spot. The moment you have familiarized yourself with this method, you can proceed to apply the glue and the weave on the remaining portion of your head while carefully making sure you stick to the circle track.

4. Make A Closure Piece.You will need to create a closure piece the moment you have gotten to the top of the circle. The Malaysian virgin hair extensions should come with closure pieces. In the incident that they do not, take 2-inch piece of your weft or extension and apply glue to it.

5. Apply Weave Apart Glue.This should be done with your extension upside down.When this is done, pack your hair up in a bunch to enable the glue to dry.

6. Apply Hair SerumFinish your weave up with a shine. Apply your hair serum throughly into your virgin hair extensions to give it a beautiful look.

There you have it, you have successfully made your Malaysian virgin hair extensions into a quick Weave. This method is easy to carry out and let’s your hair relax from styling, plus it’s cost effective, offers a variety of style options, can easily be worn and removed as you please and most importantly, it leaves your natural hair with no damage done.

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