My Rosegal wishlist

Hey, welcome. I hope I did not miss you too much, but I needed a few free days to recreate. Now that I have come back, I would like to talk about the products we find on rosegal. I know in the title more wishlist, but I have to admit that most of the products I find there are made either by my girls or by my wife. And because I know that most women are watching, I will talk about women’s products.

I just came back from the sea but I swear to you that even this second I would take the first train to Constanta if I could. How can I not let you show some beach dresses that have attracted the attention of my wife and daughters. The first model is the one above. It is not a real dress in the word because it is created right on the beach, yet it is a perfect piece for the beach. It can be done very easily, and it can easily get down.

The second product is really a dress. We are talking about a very sexy and colorful product, a dress that attracts looks and highlights the silhouette. Additionally we have to admit that her model is very nice and I did not see it in our stores. Even if it’s getting harder on the beach I think it’s worth all the bills. Plus you can use it as a simple dress when you want to walk for example.

The latest dress is a bit sexy and shorter. So if you want to tan your feet even on your way to the guaranteed beach you have to add the above model to the luggage. If you want to see more models of beach dresses all you have to do is click . Remember that this site is completely free shipping.

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