How to Make Wig Look Natural in Front

Why do you choose a wig to wear? There are many reasons, for example, whether you want to protect your natural virgin hair from heat damage, you have experienced hair loss, or you simply want to change your look, wigs are a versatile and functional fashion accessory. Whether you are wearing a wig because of hair loss or you simply want to have fun with a new hairstyle, learn techniques for putting on and styling your wig. A well-styled and proper fitting wig looks so natural that no one will guess that it is not your real hair.

Make a haircut

A lot of wigs seem unnatural because they just look too perfect and too heavy. New wigs can look bulky and thick around the crown and sides, if so it is recommended that it is thinned out before use, so take some scissors and cut some random strands of hair toward the front of your wig.

Get rid of the shiny wigWhile we aspire for the shiny hair, wigs can be a bit too shiny. Because synthetic wigs are typically made from plastic fibers, their gleam can be just plastic. However, there are methods that you can use to make your artificial hairdo’s sheen more natural, and it’s likely that you can get them easily.

Soak your wig in a cup of apple cider or white vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes if it is still too shiny after the shampoo. The acid may break down the shine barrier. Rinse your wig with shampoo and cold water afterward and let it air dry.

Baby powder can help dull your wig’s luster. Dust half a handful of baby powder on your wig and brush it through your faux locks with a wig brush or your fingertips.

Dry shampoo can be a less messy alternative to baby powder. While baby powder won’t make your wig look messy, it could make your bathroom counter top look like an episode of Narcos. You only need to spritz some dry shampoo on each layer of your wig and the artificial factitious shine is gone.

About hairline

You don’t have to have a full fringe but having some kind of sweeping bangs conceals the hairline or most of it. I tend to favor wigs that already have some kind of bangs but you can easy pop into a hairdresser or if you are confident at cutting your own hair cut your own. Adjust your wig after you have put it on so that it sits on your head correctly. Line up the center part of the wig with the center of your forehead. Pull the wig down completely in the back, so that it fits correctly on your head.

At times it can be tricky to line up the front of your wig with your hairline. It can be even harder to find the position for your wig when your wig is a completely different color from your real hair. Buying lace wigs with roots similar to your current hair color will make your wig look more natural without having to do any additional work.

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