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A wedding is every girl’s dream. We all dream of being a good wife, having a good husband and having a wedding taken out of a fairy tale. You plan everything for your wedding. From the food to the location, to do the guests and absolutely everything, but you must think about your bridesmaids too because they play an important part for your wedding. The bridesmaids will most likely be your best friends and of course you want them there in this special and most important day when your destiny will be united with your husband’s.

red bridesmaid dress

And of course you are trying to help your best friends in their journey on finding the best bridesmaids dresses that they can find in the short amount of time. But the plans are not always going as you planned and sometimes you will fight your best friends over the dresses because you have different opinions. You may like one dress or two that your best friends will not like or your best friends will like some dresses that does not go well with your wedding theme or with your dress or simply because you don’t like them and you don’t want to see your best friends wearing that dress.

blue bridesmaid dress

Some dresses can be very expensive

But sometimes the dress is not the problem. The problem is the price of that dress because you choose a dress that is too expensive for your friends to afford it and sometimes because your friends don’t have the money to afford a good-looking dress they pick a cheaper one but one that doesn’t look good.

black bridesmaid dress

But the money shouldn’t be a problem because you can always find a good looking cheap bridesmaid dress. You just have to learn where you can find one for your best friends. And I think I can help you here because I found mine at bmbridal. They have all this good looking dresses that are not expensive and I can guarantee that you will look stunning in one of them.

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