Lolita Hats for Summer Time

Hats are a great way for lolitas to accessorize their outfits this summer and any other time of the year. A good way to beat the heat is by wearing a hat. What a hat does is keep you cool by shading your face from the sun and it protects your locks and scalp from UV damage. With so many hats out there, which hat is best for your summer look? There’s bonnets, straw hats, berets, and other hats out there to keep you looking fashionable this summer. Here are a few tips and tricks to finding the hat that is right for you.   

The bonnet hat is a popular style for doll lolitas. In the summer, lolitas need to protect their doll-like skin with a hat. Not only are hats an adorable accessory, but they also provide sun protection. The photo below depicts a floppy hat. You may not think a floppy hat qualifies as a bonnet, but a bonnet doesn’t have to be the bonnet you’d imagine seeing in the Middle Ages with a tie under the chin. Bonnets just need to cover the head but leave some visibility in the front of the hat. There are several different styles of bonnets to go with a number of looks. Bonnet hats come in a variety of different colors and designs. The hat shown below comes in a variation of four different colors, black, blue, pink, and yellow. The style of the hat can be described as a wider brimmed hat that is accented with a flower and feather detail. Another detail that makes the hat stand out is the ribbons with leaves on the ends that trail down the back of the hat. It’s the perfect lolita hat for the hot summer heat! When pairing the hat with an outfit, consider the style you are going for. If you’re into the doll lolita style, the pink, or yellow hat would pair great with an elegant, lacy, victorian styled dress. The black or dark blue hat would pair best with the gothic lolita look. This gorgeous hat will keep you looking beautiful all summer long.      

       Nothing says summer like a straw hat. Lolita straw hats are handcrafted and sometimes have delicate lace detailing on them. The hat in the photo below features a gingham pattern on the bow around the hat and lace trim along the brim. Another cute accent on the hat is there are strawberries and daisies on the bow. The strawberries look good enough to eat! Strawberries are a popular treat to eat in the summer and it’s the perfect fit for a hot summer day for any lolita, but especially a chinoiserie lolita. All of the cute quirky details on the hat are made for a lolita’s unique style. There are two different color options for this hat, it comes in either pink or red. The red straw hat is for any lolita wanting to make a statement, while the pink is a cute subtle color. Both hats will make any look complete. This hat is best paired with a chinoiserie styled dress, but can also be styled with the doll lolita in mind. Chinoiserie fashion is inspired by the styles of 18th-century fashion and art. Many of the dresses in that are worn by a chinoiserie lolita have patterns that are on women’s clothing from the 18th-century. The straw hat adds an added layer for the chinoiserie lolita. If a doll lolita is wanting to pair this hat with an outfit they should try to pair it with a ruffled lacy dress.        

Last but certainly not least is the beret. In French culture, the beret has been the hat of choice for many years. Berets feature a breathable fabric, and a shell-like shape to them, making this hat a great choice to wear during the summer heat. Most fabric used in berets is light and the shell-shaped design provides comfort when worn in hot weather. Berets are not tight on the head which makes it easier for your scalp to breathe under the hat. One of the berets shown below is a gorgeous sunflower yellow color with a graphic writing design on the front and a black silky bow dangling from the back. Bows are popular within the lolita fashion scene. They offer an added flair to any outfit or accessory. Graphic designs make the hat stand out and gives it an attitude. The graphic design stitched on the front of the hat reads „Respect Myself” and „Rola Girl Scout”. Bold words and designs are a great way to draw attention to your outfit. Pairing this hat with a very detailed dress is sure to turn heads. This hat is only available in yellow and it is representative of a girl scouts uniform. Any lolita can feel cool wearing a beret. Not only is it literally cool, but it is a laid back cool look. Since this particular beret only comes in yellow, it would be best paired with a dress or outfit that is black, white, yellow or any other color that is complementary with yellow. Sweet lolitas could pair this beret with a schoolgirl themed outfit or a sailor lolita could pair the beret with a sailor outfit. With such a versatile style of hat, there are so many possible ways to pair it with clothing and other accessories. Other berets have different colors, patterns, and details on them.       

With all the hats that are out there, don’t be afraid to experiment and explore with different colors and patterns. Have fun with it, your fashion is as unique as you are. The lolita fashion scene can not be defined in a single word and is constantly changing. As it changes, your style will as well. I really hope that this guide helped you find a look that is right for you. No matter what kind of lolita you are, a hat is there to keep you looking cute and cool this summer.

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