The secret between Taurus and Lolita

Lolita, one of the leading fashion trends nowadays, is not only a type of dress but also the best way to express your personality. This particular, but still attractive, and notable fashion style, coming from Japan, allows the girls worldwide to portray themselves while maintaining their authenticity. That’s why Lolita is often the number one choice of independent Taurus girl.

Where lies the secret between Taurus and Lolita? Your style is part of you, and if you look to your zodiac sign, you will notice similarities between astrology and fashion. Taurus girls have their logic and way of thinking, and they are more rational in dealing with problems. They pay a lot of attention to detail and are sometimes considered perfectionists. Passionate about quality materials and high fashion, a Taurus girl knows that Lolita goes wonderfully with her personality.

There are plenty of Lolita types, from sweet to goth, that can match perfectly with Taurus’ characteristics:

  • The first thing people think of when it comes to Lolita is undoubtedly Sweet Lolita. Its main features are pastel colors, such as pink and purple, and indispensable cute accessories.
  • As the name implies, Sailor Lolita dresses are nautically themed. They might be an excellent choice for anyone who carries the ocean in the heart.
  • Victorian dresses and vintage Lolita skirts most influence this Lolita type
  • If you want to achieve a mysterious look, then this style is perfect for you! Dark tones are most dominant here.

As you can see, there is something for everyone who wants to be different. By choosing the best Lolita style for you, you wish to express yourself uniquely, and you want people to recognize it.

How to dress Lolita Taurus?

  1. Taurus is a very rational, but still sensitive zodiac sign. If a Taurus girl wants to show both parts of her personality uniquely, then Fog-moon And Crown Series Court Style Elegance Classic Lolita Dress might be a perfect solution for her!

2. When a Taurus girl plans a night out, she makes sure to look her best. If you want to stay mysterious, you should choose one of the following two black-toned dresses: Bronzing Constellation Chiffon Bowknot Classic Lolita Sling Dress or Fashion Sexy Black Strapless Gothic Lolita Dress. The first one fluttering dress will leave no one indifferent. A mysterious, but still romantic, this classic Lolita dress will show that Taurus has an unmistakable taste for clothing! Not only will you look perfect in it, but you will also be noticed wherever you go! If you want a slightly sexier and more attractive look, then you should try the second strapless dress. A backless dress and fishnet gloves as a perfect accessory will make you a girl of refined taste. Ultimately, by not revealing your personality, in this elegant and sexy dress, you will be the queen of darkness and mystery. To complete your look, you should choose the ideal shoes, too. High black heels will undoubtedly contribute to your magic and beauty, as well.

3. Taurus girl, who likes Chinese style, should be considering trying out a Chinese Lolita Dress. The very first choice should be a dirty white dress painted in ink with nature motifs. The top part is a white shirt collar, and it perfectly fits the rest of this fantastic and particular dress. This so-called patchwork style is inspired by Chinese painting and poetry, and with that in mind, you can achieve your goal – expressing yourself in a whole new light.

Another, but no less attractive choice is undoubtedly Black Dragon Chinese Style Lolita Sleeveless Dress. This particular dress with the Chinese dragon motifs will reveal to you a whole new world-view and will make you love the Chinese culture and style even more. This Chinese Lolita Dress will make you feel extraordinary and, above all, unique.

Since Taurus girl pays attention to the smallest details, she needs to complete her look by adding the perfect accessory to her outfit. They usually love to accessorize their neck, and that’s why they adore scarfs and necklaces. To draw attention to their neckline, they select their jewelry very carefully. It has to be stylish, trendy, high-quality, and it has to match perfectly with the rest of their clothing. You will never see a Taurus girl going around without first considering the most exquisite details of her outfit. That’s why Lolita is the perfect choice for them. It allows them to express themselves the best way possible, and to show the world their determination and independence.

Final paragraph

If you were wondering how to dress Lolita, the answer is short and bright – follow your inner Taurus instinct and love for fashion and details, and Lolita in you will be ready to go out and show the world her true self. By choosing one of many Lolita types, you accept to show the unique beauty of the Taurus girl. From classic to Chinese Lolita dress, the choice is enormous, and your possibilities of representing the personal style are limitless. Not only will you feel attractive and satisfied, but you will also enjoy these unusual, colorful, unique, comfortable, and fantastic dresses that are practically made for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into your favorite Lolita dress, pick your dearest necklace, wear the perfect high heels, and enjoy spending your days and evenings out! The world can’t wait to see the unmistakable, refined, fancy, and an extraordinary fashion taste of one Taurus!

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