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O rochie chic pentru fiecare zi

In fiecare zi te simti altfel si prin prisma activiatilor pe care le desfasori vei alege sa te imbraci in asa fel incat sa se potriveasca oricarui context. Esti femeia practica, rationala, care investeste in haine nu doar din pura necesitate, ci pentru ca iti doresti sa te exprimi si prin ceea ce porti. Cu aceasta provocare estetica te confrunti in fiecare zi, de aceea magazinul online bobomoda.ro este fix Read More

Cheap coats for women

It is hard for a man to find the perfect present for his girlfriend. It’s hard because every day is her birthday. And what does a woman want? Only they know and they won’t told us because they want to be surprised. This makes our job as a boyfriend much more difficult. We have to always come with new ideas for a present because we can’t keep on buying the Read More

Where you can find sweaters to buy

My sister is so picky when it comes to clothes. The only thing that she wants for her birthday is clothing. But because of her taste it is always difficult to find something good enough. Me and my family agreed that I search for clothes and they pay for them. Girls don’t want just skirts and dresses When you are looking for cute clothing for a girl or in my Read More

Dresses from Luvyle.com

I am that kind of girl who always wants to look cute in everything. I only wear cute clothes. And it was that time of year when I needed to get rid of the old clothes and buy some new ones. I like dresses very much and it’s hot outside so of course I need some cute dresses. And I had so many plans for this summer that included a Read More

Ce jachete sa porti in aceasta toamna?

Trecere de la vara la toamna a adus mereu batai de cap pana si celor mai versate fashioniste. Temperaturile scazute care se resimt in special dimineata necesita haine adecvate. Chiar daca soarele nu mai are aceeasi putere trebuie vazuta partea buna a lucrurilor, pentru ca fiecare anotimp vine cu frumusetile lui. Toamna este anotimpul in care se poarta jachetele si vestele din blana. Daca stii cum sa combini aceste articole Read More

Websites with reviews are the best choice

That special day was coming soon. The wedding was near the corner and I was not prepared for it at all. But it was not my wedding but my best friend’s wedding and I couldn’t find a perfect dress for her special day and I felt so bad about this cuz when it comes to dresses I don’t want them just to be good looking and suit me well I Read More

Cheap bridesmaid dress from bmbridal

A wedding is every girl’s dream. We all dream of being a good wife, having a good husband and having a wedding taken out of a fairy tale. You plan everything for your wedding. From the food to the location, to do the guests and absolutely everything, but you must think about your bridesmaids too because they play an important part for your wedding. The bridesmaids will most likely be Read More

Sweater Dresses with high quality from DressSure.com

I always want to make a good impression on a first date. I like to stay long and think about what should I wear, what kind of style should I adopt (should I go cute or elegant), the make-up that will go well with my outfit, the hair style, the shoes and the accessories. So it was 6 pm, just 2 hours before I was supposed to go out in Read More

Peruci de pe NEER.RO

Astăzi era o zi specială. Urma să mă întâlnesc cu una dintre prietenele vechi și foarte bune. Alina se mutase de ceva vreme în altă țară și nu ne mai văzusem de un timp ce părea a fi o eternitate. Așa că voiam să o impresionez, voiam să mă aranjez și să o dau pe spate. Când m-a văzut a rămas total surprinsă. Ne cunoșteam de foarte mulți ani așa Read More

Accesorii Damă NEER.RO

Noi fetele suntem foarte pretențioase când vine vorba de accesorii. Vrem să se asorteze cu hainele noastre, să aibe o anumită formă, să reprezinte ceva, să aibe anumite culor și multe altele. Eu personal îmi găsesc foarte greu accesorii care să îmi mulțumească gusturile. Trebuie să caut mult după ceva care care să mă satisfacă, dar mai ales trebuie să caut în multe locuri până găsesc acel ceva. Fie că Read More